If you’re looking for the best new games on the Google Play Store, you’re in the right place. We update this list every time a new game appears that deserves to be added to this list so that you are always aware of the latest and greatest games.
Regardless of whether you are new to Android and need new games to create your own Google Play library or are looking for the latest fashion games that deserve your attention, here are the best Android games from May 2018!

• PUBG Mobile
• Room: old sins
• Dissertant
• General HQ Issues
• The Way of Death in Canada
• Strange things: the game
• Advice: Her Majesty
• causality
• Box 2
• The Island of Delta
• Fire Emblem: Hero

Room: old sins
The Room: Old Sins – the last epic puzzle game from Fireproof Games and the fourth in a series of puzzles “The Room”. You are exploring the house of an ambitious engineer who disappeared when in the attic you find a very special doll house.
With a sophisticated eyepiece, you can explore different parts of the doll house, in which there are puzzles and incredibly complex devices. Something very strange is happening here. So, if you can solve all the puzzles, you will find out what happened to the missing engineer and his wife.
If you’ve never played in the “The Room” series, get ready for one of the most exciting games that you play on your mobile phone. Graphics and sound are created to create an amazingly terrible atmosphere, checking out intricate objects and revealing secrets to help you on your journey.
If you want to catch up with other games, you can use Room, Room Two and The Room 3 at reduced rates.
PUBG Mobile
It’s amazing how PUBG Mobile plays on Android. This is a mass battle Royale PvP, in which 100 players are fighting on a huge island of weapons, ammunition, tactical gear and vehicles. You play as a single player or as a team player and must use your best skills to defeat your opponents until you are the last person.
It’s not uncommon for a popular PC version or console for Android, but you’ll be surprised how PUBG plays on the smartphone. Developers have simplified the collection and management of elements of mobile operators. They also added robots to the lowest ranks to make the game easier. Bluetooth controller support would be an interesting addition, but touch controls are some of the best I’ve seen for a shooter on the phone.
You can also scale the graphics to enjoy smooth playback on older devices. If you have a new device, you can bring these settings to the maximum and enjoy one of the best mobile games I’ve played for a long time.
PUBG Mobile offers all the epic moments expected from the game on a PC for mobile devices. Best of all, it’s free, and there are currently no purchases in the app. Bring your troops together and soon see you on the battlefield!
“Dissemble” is a colorful and abstract game that looks like another standard game with tiles of the 3rd level from the very beginning. Instead, Dissemble is one of those puzzles that almost hits the genre and offers a relaxing exploration of patterns in abstract designs.
It begins beautifully and simply, as the game introduces the basics and gradually introduces you to more complex puzzles. Look at the trailer to see what I mean.
With over 120 puzzles with no time limits, travel restrictions or purchases in applications or ads, this game gets a place on this list.
JYDGE is a dirty and cruel two-step shooter from top to bottom, which is an absolute challenge. You are JYDGE, a cybernetic law enforcement officer who uses his hammer (see: BIG freaking gun) to spread the justice of RoboCop style.
Each level has different tasks that you need to take in order to keep going, but never like hard work. Choosing illegal money, you can update JYDGE and its hammer with a wide range of accessories. Thus, JYDGE supports the rogue element of its predecessor, Neon Chrome, by offering you to repeat levels with different upgrade combinations until you overcome all the problems.
In a game in which you have to repeat the scores again and again, for the game it is very important to find that a mixture of gameplay with an interesting soundtrack that is not too boring or repetitive – and JYDGE delivers absolutely.
HQ Trivia
This application, which launched a new passion for live quizzes on your phone. HQ Trivia is a daily quiz, in which you just need to answer 12 questions to win a piece of the pot. The cashier of the week reached $ 5,000 on Sunday evening, which is usually $ 25,000.
Scott Rogosvik, the permanent presenter, became a celebrity on the Internet, as he offers a fun job as an outstanding game master. The application itself has improved since the launch last year and offers new features that allow you to play the app with friends. Millions of people play every week, because it’s free, and you can make money!
That’s right, you’re playing for real money with PayPal. Even if you earn only a few euros, you can still pay and buy coffee.

Road to Canada
Death Road to Canada is a $ 10 game – I want to open it only so that the stickers disappear before I say it’s a damn good game. (Currently it is available for one dollar, which makes it even better.)
Given the zombie apocalypse, you will have to lead a group of very interesting characters in a deadly relative security mission to Canada. Along the way, you will have to explore and plunder a place to stock up, controlling the health and morale of your team.
Everything that happens on the road to death in Canada is generated randomly, which makes each game a unique experience in this dynamic RPG. You can create your character and your buddy at random or create starting characters with different attributes to keep them alive, but you probably do not want to hang if you are not a very good shooter.
Admittedly, controls take a little time to get used to, and there’s a steep learning curve to find out which weapons are most effective, and when you can fight or run better. And you’ll die early and often, even if it’s part of the fun of the zombie apocalypse, is not it?
In this game there is an absurd amount of depth, including 10 different game modes for unlocking. The price may seem a little steep, but if you’re a fan of games with zombies, such as thugs, it’s worth investing!
Strange things: the game
Stranger Things: A game is a mobile game that other companies may want. This is a full-fledged adventure game with lots of playable characters, tons of collectibles and a retro-graphic style that matches the theme and setting of the show.
The game presents the entire city of Hawkins, Indiana, with neighboring Mickwood, where you can explore. He plays as a classic adventure in the Zelda style, capable of changing characters and solving complex puzzles.
Instruct the marketing team of Netflix to take the time to make sure that BonusXP inc. Put something special for the fans of the series. They created a real winner and a real competitor in the game of the year – and I’m not even a big fan of the original material.
The controls are optimized for mobile devices, and there is an excellent game here. Overworld is huge and filled with secret areas for learning and familiar show objects that are scattered as collectibles.
I like so much here. This is not only the right adaptation of the show, but also free advertising or advertising in the application, even if you can consider the game as an advertisement for the second season of Stranger Things. We hope that he will present a new trend towards significant mobile games based on TV shows and films.
Kingdom: Your Majesty
Reigns was one of the best games of 2016 and won the first contest of Indie Games on Google Play. Needless to say, they pumped us to test the rest.
In the reign you play the role of the monarch of the earth and make decisions that affect the four aspects of the kingdom: the church, the people, the army and royal wealth. Your goal is to keep four in balance – when the meter is full or completely exhausted, your reign is over … and a new reign begins!
The sequel is almost identical to the first game, except that this time you are playing the Queen instead of the King, with the new characters you can interact with, and several scenarios to discover. The gameplay is as simple as sliding left or right on the cards, and if it’s a little bit the first game, on the way you can find a lot of Easter eggs!
I would not want to destroy everything for this new game, but once you played the first game and you’re afraid it’s too similar, I can assure you that there’s a lot of new mechanics to make this title one of the best of 2017.
Causality is a terrific puzzle game in which time is manipulated. It’s just a brilliant game in which you control the weather and adjust the level and change the consistency to help your failed astronaut achieve his goals.
This elegant game will play in simple but beautiful alien landscapes, and you will break your brain by learning how to control the cosmonaut with your color output at the appointed time. Of course, you have full control over the timeline and can jump at any time and change any aspect of the level. In this exceptionally complex and challenging game, there are 60 challenging puzzles that you can unlock and complete.
Box 2
Prepare for a more stylized style in Framed 2! This is an independent prequel to the revolutionary mobile game Framed, developed in 2014 by Hideo Kojima.
As you unfold the story, you control the storyline, rearranging the comics to help your character fight in each section. This is a completely unique way to play the game, and this is unlike anything you’ve ever played on Android. It has a cool black look, with an exciting story that fascinates you.
If you like the format, you can choose the first Framed game for just $ 3. Is it worth it to waste time if you are looking for unique puzzles?
Delta Island
Island Delta is a very elegant adventure game developed by Mantisbite of Finland. Explore the mysterious retro-futuristic camp of Dr. Gunderson as our heroes Zoe and Baxter.
With your anti-gravity weapon, you will have to fight through mercenaries, traps and guards when you solve puzzles to reach the end of each level. In the best moments, Iceland Delta feels like a thin portal in the third person, which I did not understand, what I need in my life. Outstanding cartoon graphics and design will immediately attract you.
You can read our full review here before you decide to buy. It is available on the Google Play Store for $ 2.99.
Fiery Emblem: Hero
Fire Emblem: Heroes is the first Nintendo game to develop games for Android (without Miimoto’s application from last year) and the eighth title of the popular RPG strategy that appears on the North American shores.
Heroes unite all your favorite characters of the Fire Emblem for a completely new story that transforms the noble Ascran kingdom into a test of the Empire Empire, which wants to rule in all worlds. You play the role of a powerful summoner, which brings together the best characters of the fire emblem to protect the kingdom. The fight takes place in arenas, where you must strategically move your heroes to attack and defend your opponents.
Play in story mode to unlock new game modes, including special maps, fights from the arena and a tower for practice. Arena Duel is a multiplayer aspect of the game that pulls you out of the campaign with one player.

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