These free Android games do not require an Internet connection to work; there is no data fee. 10 There are no wifi games to enjoy from you, wherever you go.
Games without Wi-Fi – the best android games without registration
Having a good game on your Android device should be one of the best games that you can play anywhere. Do not you want to start, you or others, in a good game that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Well, sometimes everything can be fun and fun, until you realize that the game is played by something that I like to call hidden and funny loads. It’s always shit to find that you need to access data to go to the next level or unlock the inclusion. Many players will swear that the developers who develop such games are not interested in players in their hearts.

You do not need to worry anymore. Some smart developers, I think they are also gamers, have found an ingenious way to avoid buying and wasting money on data packets or Wi-Fi to play your favorite game. You developed the game in offline mode! However, before you can enter these stand-alone games, let’s see why developers are developing online games. We just do it before we can judge.

Why do developers create online games?
The main reason is loss of income due to piracy. After creating an offline game, it can be copied and even distributed free of charge. This can be associated with numerous hacker sites and the ability to share certain games and applications directly on devices.

Developers also create online games to make the game more interactive, because the player can compete with other players around the world. To earn revenue from games, developers launched purchases in applications. They realized that not only players should be confined to coins / chips in the game to improve various aspects of the game, but they also allowed users to buy items with real money. This has been simplified with online payments, such as Google Pay.

Most free game developers need to use their creations, which allows companies to promote their gaming applications. They appear when you connect to the Internet while playing. Ironically, to get rid of them, most developers will give you the opportunity to get paid for the update, which will keep them under control.
Nevertheless, it is always pleasant and convenient to have a free offline game, on which you can always expect to talk and spend time
Here you will find the top 10 Android games that we choose for our list of the best free games without WiFi.


This is a game of 2D runners, in a beautiful forest full of different inhabitants. However, in the forest something is not right, and you, one of the inhabitants of the forest, should understand what is wrong. Along the way, there are many creative traps and obstacles that you must overcome now. The game has physics-based gameplay, high-quality graphics and audio to optimize your gameplay.
The game can allow up to four multipliers on one device and allows you to win the competition by pressing your rivals on the rotating saws. You can also work together to reach another level or even create your own levels. In this game there is no limit or rule; It’s just an endless pleasure. The game has more than 10 million downloads and a 4.5 stars rating on Google Play, proving that it’s really nice to play. It is available free on Google Play with a download size of 184 MB.

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft was developed by Mojang and is a real adventure game in which you can unleash your creativity. In an infinite virtual world, the game allows you to use block cubes to create your virtual world, be it a bridge, a cloud or a building with all available materials. Dirt, stone, brick or sand. The game has several modes, including survival mode, in which each block is cut manually and assembled in the open world. Although boring, it’s convenient, because when the sun goes down, the bad guys come for you, and you’re better prepared. The game is 76.23mb and is available on the Google Play Store.
Third Shadow Fight 2
The game lovers here are the game for you. Remember these kung fu movies with all the moves and acrobatic movements, here you have a chance to try them on real enemies, but with a deadly weapon. Shadow Fight is a two-dimensional game based on the character “Shadow”, who lost his physical body when he unleashed powerful demons, trying to save his house from intruders. He now exists as an experienced shadow warrior, who has to fight the demons and their various bodyguards to restore what he has lost. The game has several levels, so you always had an opponent to fight. The game has some purchases in the app, but without it you can not play without it.

The fourth loop of infinity
The Infinity cycle combines simplicity and relaxation. The gameplay combines a variety of curved shapes to create a complete shape without interruption. In the dark mode, you must divide the entire form into separate components, until each part becomes unique. You can play endless levels for hours, without losing interest. As the moves progress, the levels become more complex, but can be solved as easily as previous levels. The developers claim that the game was not created to be more difficult, but for you to relax and make these loops, this is complemented by Thai as well as audio that takes you to the next level. The game is free on the Google Play Store and is only 4.05 MB.

5. Asphalt 8 in the air

The latest version of asphalt games Asphalt 8 is a combination of high-quality graphics, speed and excellent cars. The new Asphalt 8 combines new waterfalls, cars and arcades, even an aircraft carrier. The developers decided to throw everything on this site. On a good device, the gameplay is pretty fluid when you play against other opponents to win cash prizes that you can use to upgrade and purchase new cars. Although the game can be played off-line, the multiplayer experience for Asphalt 8 Airborne is unique and is one of its strengths. The game is free on Google Play, but it has purchases in the app.

6. I despise myself

Prichny here, and they brought a lot of fun and bananas. Despicable Me is a 3D runner game in which you pursue minions that collect bananas while you sprint, roll, evade or simply perform fast missions. The game will guide you through fantastic places, inspired by the renewal of the film to magnificent costumes, using fun-filled weapons and bonuses. You can also fight with bad guys, for example, Vector is a super-3D graphics. The game is free to download to the Google Play Store, but there are purchases in the app. Banana!

7. Six weapons: the gang opening

Created by Gameloft, six weapons give you a real sense of the Wild West, and you are better tied. Six Guns is a third-person shooter based on Wild West action scenes from Arizona and Oregon in the country of cowboys, bandits and scary vampires. You must complete 40 missions when you are driving horses, get out of thieves and fight the waves of enemies on your way. You can unlock various types of weapons and weapons to help you in your action-adventure. The game can be downloaded for free and played on the Google Play Store. For this, only bandits and vampires pay.

8. Plants against zombies 2
Everyone loved plants against zombies, and 2 – there. The game was once on the PC before it was on the mobile platform in 2013. For those who do not know the game, Plants vs. Zombies is an arcade game in which living plants must reflect the vicious attack of zombies in their homes before they invade the house, eat your brain. Plants have many abilities, such as watermelon or corn flashes in zombies. Plants vs. Zombies 2 come with new fun and exciting levels to entertain you through. The game is free to install on the Google Play Store.

9. Hill Hills 2
It’s an update from the exciting and gay Hill Climb to more motorized suits and hilly arches. You can even do backflips in the air, hoping that you will not fall and you will not break the bones. You can download it for free on the Google Play Store with in-app purchases.

10. The Brain! – physics puzzles
The brain is really the mental task of the year. This is a 2D physics game in which you have to perform various tasks, creating simple finger structures. It really checks your creativity and your mental abilities, and levels can only get more complicated as you progress.
In the end, however, more and more developers will turn into online gaming applications, stand-alone games will always be loved and will have many more days. Get some of the above mentioned apps and do not forget to leave your comments on any of the above or other interesting Android games offline, which you would like to share with us. Let the games begin!

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