Shooters – this is perhaps the most popular genre of games, and you do not need to know every detail of every game to play as a professional. There are a few simple tips that apply to almost every shooting game, regardless of whether the game revolves around first person shooters, third-person shooters, tactical shooters, or a combination of these shooters. With these tips you can be the best in your game.

Keys to success at your fingertips
One of the easiest ways to improve without playing is to adapt the game settings to something that you are familiar with. Most shooting games have some standard areas that you can customize to your liking, such as: Brightness, X and Y sensitivity and inverted image.

You said adjust the brightness? Some games are so dark in the default settings that many details are not taken into account. Setting the brightness to a higher level makes it easier to view these details. When you get acquainted with the game, you can restore the brightness to the default level for a more realistic gameplay.

The inverted aspect and sensitivity of the X and Y axes are of the same category. If you find that you are looking down, you may have to cancel the appearance. The same is true for Axis settings: if the turn left or right seems too slow, the X axis should be slightly adjusted up so that your character can move faster (the same for the top and bottom). The axis will solve the problem). This is a setting that you need to constantly adjust as you become familiar with the game. Adjusting the X and Y axes as you are familiar with the game will help your entire game. In the bottom line – the faster you can turn and keep control, the better you will play!

If you can not meet with you, you will wear a toast
One of the main principles is counting your pictures. Targeting enemies without aiming is not enough for your game, unless it is specifically designed to suppress fire. A common mistake many people make is shooting too early. However, you should never shoot until you feel a clear state. If the enemies do not know that you are there, they will not shoot at you, so you will be safe until you are discovered. This is much more common in shooting arrows, where the main goal is to pass the game, first of all unnoticed.

I was a “dead” target, but I missed why?
Once you reach the goal and are still missing, there are several factors that can affect your effective targeting. One of the most obvious is the choice of weapons. Different types of weapons react differently. It is possible that the return of weapons changes the exact point of impact or the game you are playing is so realistic that you must target your target. In other words, if your goal works to the left, you may need to move slightly to the left. When the ball hits the target, you will have a perfect head shot.

Meet the weapons and maps
Your weapon is your partner – choose wisely
As mentioned earlier, choosing the right weapon can have a significant impact on your results, and it varies greatly from game to game. In the following example, we will refer to some weapons in the Rainbow Six 3, a tactical shooter available on the PC and most consoles. Many people recommend using the G3A3 rifle for use in RS3 and for good reason; this is the most powerful rifle, bullet from the bullet, in the game.

However, it also has significant drawbacks. First, it contains only 21 cartridges per clip, while the other weapon contains more than 30. It also has a significant drop, enough to miss you more often than not. For these two reasons, we really prefer TAR-21, which has a round 31 clip and less kickback. Although it does not have an area of ​​3.5x, it has a range of 2.0x, and we can double the attack with this weapon, using the methods described in this article.

Know and use cards to your advantage
Knowledge of maps will be very useful only in multiplayer games, but knowing the terrain on a specific map will do more than just serve the purpose. Solo and multiplayer games use the environment to avoid enemy fire. Use an electrical outlet that gives you a map and surroundings, a duck behind the barrels, hiding behind walls, all that is needed to stay safe.

An important advice during an attack of enemies is to stay behind the blanket until you hear them reset, then you exit your shelter and start shooting.

Practice makes perfect
Of course, this is an old cliche, but this is true in the case of video game strategies. Of course, your first experience with the shooter probably will not be perfect, and you will probably die more often than the live ones. Over time, your skills in a certain shooter will help you in all games in the genre of the shooter.

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