We all know that free games for Android these days are not always free, but many of them are very close, if you have a little patience. Most bottlenecks in Freemium occur when players get impatient and wait for the game to overcome these pitfalls. What we have here is the best free Android games that you can play comfortably without making too many purchases in the app and we hope that you will like it! If you want to get free Android games without buying in the app, we linked them directly below. Let’s start.
15 best free Android games

Asphalt 8: Air or asphalt: Xtreme

As for racing games that do not have a starting price, Gameloft has real winners with Asphalt Xtreme and Asphalt 8: Airborne. The first is an SUV with lots of tracks, a multi-user online broadcast and various vehicles that you can unlock. Asphalt 8: Airborne is an older game, but with a ton of content that you can play. He also has a multiplayer online game and other activities. These are two very solid racing games given their free prizes, but their buying strategy in the app is somewhat aggressive. This is a great experience. They are great and free games for Android.

Critical operations
Critical Ops belongs to the new generation of first-person shooters and is one of the best. In this title, you fight terrorists at various urban levels or you can play as a terrorist if you want. It has a strong multi-user network community where you can also play with friends. It still works, but it seems to reach the right criteria and is often updated. If you need a completely free first-person shooter, NOVA 3: Freedom Edition is also very good. These are free Android games that are worth seeing.

Clash Royale
Clash Royale – the last game from Supercell. They also made Clash of Clans, who had previously participated in this list. In Clash Royale, you collect cards, create decks and fight each other in fights with online opponents. You win trophies when you win. Similarly, you lose trophies if you lose. You can also create clans for exchanging cards, challenge members of the clan to fight, and you have many chances to unlock new cards. This is a solid card game and an excellent alternative if you can not get into Hearthstone. If Clash Royale just is not for you, Supercell also makes popular games Boom Beach and Clash of Clans. Both of them are good enough to make this list.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – this is perhaps the best game in the style of Final Fantasy, released in Florida. It contains many elements from the original games, including exploring cities and dungeons, hidden treasures, secret dungeons and a variety of traditions. The game is easy to learn, but you have to think about how to beat tough bosses and opponents. You are often rewarded for daily registration, as well as for additional missions, quests and events to keep the game fresh. This is about as good as for freeze titles. If you do not do this for yourself, but like Final Fantasy, you can also try Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Record Keeper. They are completing a very positive group of freemium games from the Final Fantasy series.

Stone Stone: Heroes of Warcraft
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a duel game with a card card in which you unlock cards, build decks and battle with other players with the deck that you have built. You can create multiple decks, and Blizzard was good enough to regularly publish updates to add more maps and content. You can also connect to a mobile phone or a computer, which is very nice. If you do not want to encounter real players in real-time battles in PvP, you can still fire the bots for training. It’s free, which makes it simple and affordable for everyone. This is definitely one of the best free games for Android.
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HQ Trivia
HQ Trivia – new trivia. This is a live game show, in which all players participate simultaneously. There is a moderator who asks questions, and people respond in real time. Each question has 12 questions with a ten-second timer. People who left after 12 questions share the advantages. Did we mention that this is real money? This is definitely something unique in the mobile game space. Games are held every day at 21:00 EST with games from 15:00 EST on weekdays. This means that the game has 12 games a week. This makes recording in the game too fast. It can be downloaded for free without purchases in the application.

MADFINGER Games (multiple titles)
Games MADFINGER – one of the best developers of mobile games for first-person shooters. Their list of names includes heavy drummers such as the Shadowgun series (including their latest version, Shadowgun Legends), the Dead Trigger series (two games) and UNKILLED. Dead Trigger and UNKILLED are a family of zombie shooters with a lot of missions, online PvP content and many tasks. Shadowgun – a series of fantastic shooters with a campaign, online PvP and much more. Most of the main games are freims. In any case, they are all very good.

NOVA was one of the first successful first-person shooter on Android. NOVA Legacy is the latest version, and this is already one of the best free games for Android. It comes with higher graphics and controls. There is also a storyline, an online multiplayer mode and a rudimentary ship system. The game has science fiction. Thus, it brings something different than most mobile games for shooting. This is not the best shooter, but the price should be just a few dozen hours of fun before the Frémium becomes boring. We also recommend that you ignore any statements that this game is small. This is absolutely not so.


Pokemon is coming
Pokemon Go was the biggest mobile game of 2016. In fact, it was the greatest of all times. Although his popularity has calmed down a bit, the game remains very solid and free. Players can explore the real world around them by catching the Pokemon, hitting the gyms and finding the Pokkstops. New additions include the legendary Pokemon, raids and much more. The game continues to develop beyond what many remember. This is one of the best free games for Android.


PinOut or Smash Hit
Smash Hit and PinOut are two of the most reliable runners. They come from the same developer. Smash hit gives you a perspective from the first person when throwing metal bullets in the windows to avoid a certain death. It’s quiet, fun and looks fantastic. PinOut is an endless pinball game in which you need to throw the ball at different levels and obstacles forever. Two free Android games look good, play well and have a unique mechanics for this genre. Both names have an additional version of Pro that unlocks the control points so you can move from the saved game. Otherwise there is no advertising, there are no purchases in the application and nothing between you and the game.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile has not been on the global market for a long time. Nevertheless, one of the most popular mobile shooters is already available. On a small island, 100 players compete. Players collect equipment, weapons and vehicles on the island and fight with each other. The winner is the last person. It also includes mechanisms such as a game zone that shrinks so games do not last too long. There are some problems and mistakes. However, none of them is not too bad. Recent updates have added new game modes and the Freemium award. Its mechanical FPS is also above average in its genre.

Sky Force Reloaded
Sky Force Reloaded is the newest member of the Sky Force franchise (all of which are very good free games for Android). Like its predecessors, Sky Force Reloaded is a running shooter in which you fly on an airplane, and your goal is to defeat bad guys, evade bullets and do all sorts of different quests. This is an ode for the descending shooters of the old school. Despite much improved graphics, the game remains true to the former shooter. The difference is that this one has the best graphics. This is a good general experience, like the previous iterations.

Pest Inc
Plague, Inc. – A strategic game in which you must mutate and use disease to destroy the world. The goal is to infect as many people as possible. There are several diseases in the game, each of which has its own attack strategy, and the game is realistic enough so that the developers are invited to talk to the CDC. Over time, developers have added many improvements. The game also has functions for storing and downloading multiple sets of files, so you can simultaneously play several games. This is a difficult game, but worth a visit.

Vainglory is probably the best MOBA available on Android. It offers a high frame rate, unlimited freedom of action and strong connections. You will be able to work with people and compete with other teams, as you see in all MOBA. There are also decent graphics, over 25 characters to unlock and play, and you can play with (or against) robots if you want. There is also a beta version that the Vulkan API can use if you want to test it. This is one of the best free games for Android.

Yodo1 Games

Yodo1 Games is a game developer who has a lot of very nice and attractive freemium games. Most of them probably heard about their hit names, such as Crossy Road, Rodeo Stampede, Pac-Man 265 and Looty Dungeon. There are also several others, including Rooms of Doom. Most of these games are endless runners where you need to move on or lose. The graphics are charming, and the mechanics of the game are easy to learn and understand. They are also very friendly with children, which makes them great family games. Their main developer page is linked above. However, some games, such as Pac-Man 265, Crossy Road and others, are released under different names of developers. You may need to search for them on Google Play. Their new game Jellynauts should also become another hit when it officially starts.

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